FireShot Screen Capture #002 - 'Lucky Textile Mills' - www_luckytextilemills_biz_new_homepage_container_htmlOur significant processing unit is highly proficient in printing, dyeing and finishing fabric up to 3.2 meters wide with an approximate production capacity of 74 million meters per annum. The processing unit is based on the latest Swiss, German and Italian Technology equipped with high tech machinery and equipment.



We have a vast range of designs catering to diversified global market. A computerized color kitchen enables production of exact shades time after time, effectively ensuring both consistency as well as reliability. 16 colors printing using both pigment and reactive dyes is what gives us the edge over our competitors.


At RM Fabrics, we endeavor to create new colors. From the milky translucence of a misty morning to the pale hues of a clear blue sky, we are equipped with a continuous open width dyeing, thermosol and pad steam ranges that are capable of pigment, reactive and vat dyeing on international standards. For shade variation, we use a Spectrophotometer. Our color batch preparation is also supported by both DATA color as well as Greg Macbeth color systems.