weavingRM Fabrics weaving department consists of 288 looms producing 6 lac meters of gray fabric per month. With a combination of state of the art weaving equipment, technical know-how and managerial expertise, RM Fabrics Weaving has developed a reputation for quality service and products worldwide.

At RM Fabrics we cater to the demands of both the local and the international markets. Apparel fabric is exported to the Far East , Europe and North America , whereas the sheeting fabric is mainly exported to high-end US and European buyers. In terms of sales, RM Fabrics is one of the largest Pakistani exporters of sheeting products to the US.


Loom Size Number Total
Airget 75″ 24
Total 24
Shutleless Sulzer 110″ 28
130″ 30
153″ 8
Total 66
Auto Loom 116″ 71
108″ 126
Total 198